Oahu Scuba Diving with Honu Hawaiian Diving

Oahu offers some of the best and most diverse diving in the Hawaiian Islands. From shipwrecks like the Sea tiger, YO-257, Mahi and the famous WWII Corsair Airplane; to shallow reefs, Lava tubes for swim through’s and a lot of Turtles, Eels, Octopus and much more! Honu Hawaiian Diving strives to provide you with the best and most professional Oahu scuba diving!!

Whether you are a certified diver or want to try scuba diving for the first time, Honu Hawaiian Diving can take you diving anywhere you want to go on Oahu! From right out front of Waikiki diving the Sea tiger, the YO-257 or the Corsair in Hawaii Kai, Makaha Caverns and the Mahi on the West side. During the summer we also offer shore diving at Sharks Cove on the North Shore of Oahu! Honu Hawaiian Diving always offers free hotel pickup and drop off service from Waikiki. Call or Book Online today to start your Oahu scuba diving adventure!

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